Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy spring

The last several months have gone by fast and I'm happy that spring has come and the sun is shining for many, many reasons. I've not been so great about taking photos since the beginning of the year, but here's the best of what I have:

Easter lovelies:


My little ballerina:

Tony's graduation:
Tony with his mom and dad. We are so glad he is done with his B.A. in Spanish!

 Ruth made Tony a pirate ship card for his graduation and told him, "Good job, dad!"

The last few months have brought job changes in our home. Tony is now the commercial account manager for the Terminix office in Omaha. I am also working part-time at a market research call center a few nights a week to provide a little bit more monetary stability during the transition.

Tony has also started an awesome blog about fishing: Spare Time for Fish. I'm really impressed by the blog, and it's entertaining even for those who don't care for fishing too much. Check it out. :)

I think my camera is pooping out because my images aren't turning out so well anymore. But it could also be that I let my daughters play with the camera sometimes, and I'm sure them dropping it/putting their grimy fingers all over it hasn't helped.

Anyway, sometime this week I will post a blog of Ruth's photos. She has some interesting perspectives and shots from her vantage point. :)

Happy Monday!

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Anthony Gardner said...

Great post, honey! Love you!