Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Kids and Water

Nothing beats happy siblings and about two hours.

I picked the kids up from our friends' Alannah and Alan's house and took them home to have dinner. I had an amazing time night fishing the other day with seeing fireflies, so I wanted to get out and show the babies and spend some time with them. We didn't go out to where the fireflies were, though, because we would have been out way too late. We went to Carter Lake, instead, I having had a positive experience there earlier today.

What ensued was fantastic. I filled up our Home Depot bucket with some water after confirming with the girls that they wanted to put some fish in it, then worked hard to comply. I got several bass and placed them inside. Eva would put her face over the rim, and say, "Fishy! Fishy! Dews a fishy!"

Ruthie has taken a great fondness to throwing rocks in the lake, and she was busy doing so most of the time. Eva, loving her big sister, very soon joined in. Ruthie would pretend that the rocks could fly, only to crash land in the water with a big splash. She would count, "1, 2, 3!" and so would Eva! Eva now counts, "1, 2, 3!"

They are getting so big.

They laughed and played and talked and played and oogled at the fish and played some more. With rocks flying into the water, it was pretty amusing to see how bare this one triangular spot around our position was after a while.

It was a gorgeous night, and we made some good memories spending time together. I got to show them different fish and enjoy their laughter and play, and they got to enjoy each other and the outdoors. Love it!

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I got myself all caught up! yay for internet:) Can't wait to keep up on a regular basis now.